Daily health is a step-by-step guide to achieving your health and well being goals

This book is written by three doctors, which makes it unique because it’s not just a dry list of fitness tips. Instead, they have compiled these insights into a cohesive organization that will help readers achieve their health and fitness goals in an easy, repeatable way.

An article of Daily Health discusses the importance of the physical and mental health in a person’s life. The article also talks about how medicine has evolved over the history.

Citing the need to remain healthy, individuals have taken various steps to improve their health. For example, they may exercise or eat healthy food, seek medical treatment and avoid lifestyle that might cause harm to their health.

Male and female differences in health are well-known. Men tend to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death from cancer than women.

This is due to the fact that men tend to have more muscle mass which makes them physically stronger and more prone to injury despite their smaller size.

The article discusses how current medication for women is associated with side effects such as lethargy, weight gain, or depression. The best way to avoid these side effects is by taking medication that targets male hormones such as progesterone or testosterone while simultaneously avoiding the consumption of estrogen which can be synthesized by plants like soybeans, rice, yams, tomatoes and carrots.

In research conducted by David Matzner et al., it was found that male hormone supplementation resulted in significant improvement in memory function.