Today, the word 'health’ is quite ambiguous and it can mean anything

It could be your physical or mental health, or the health of a country.

Health is not just about staying alive and living to see another day. It is also about quality of life – how comfortable we are in our daily life, how well we feel, and how happy we are with our life choices.

The subject of health is broad and diverse. This paper will explore two popular aspects of health: firstly, women’s health and secondly, men’s health. Man’s Health will discuss what men can do to improve their general health status such as eating healthier and exercising more often; whereas Women’s Health discusses the many different options for women – from dieting to vaginal rejuvenation surgery – that offer many

Daily health is a type of health magazine that provides information on daily health topics. It is targeted at women with a focus on women’s health and wellbeing.

This specific publication talks about how to make the most of your day and helps you live a healthy lifestyle. It also discusses how to find contentment, happiness, and fulfilment in life.